Thursday, April 4, 2013

Warehouse 13

Warehouse is back this month, April 29th! To celebrate, I looked online for some of the best/my favorite Warehouse 13 things. Click the image to go through to the page it's from.

First up is ComickerGirl and her amazing art. I love all her W13 pieces, but only so many can fit.
World of Warehouse 13. I would totally play this mmo.

Tee design, sad I missed out on it.

A New Hope

Instructables tutorial for making your own Farnsworth Communicator

There was a Warehouse 13 themed swap on Craftster, very nice.

You can see a sneak peek at the new episode on the SyFy and buy licensed merch there too.
I'll leave you with this image from FoxFire141, Warehouse Monster part 2, in which silliness runs wild after Pete eats so many cookies he turns into the Cookie Monster. Enjoy!

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