Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Croods

Any spoilers will be in white as usual.
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2

Smurfs 2

Monsters University

Despicable Me 2



On to the movie.

I loved watching this movie. the voice acting, animation, jokes, story...yes, I even liked the story even though it's one I've seen so many times before. Teenage child acts out against parental unit(s) to be free, parent keeps reining them in for (protection), crazy hijinks ensue, as they come to an understanding parental unit sacrifices themselves to save the child before the child can verbalize love and understanding, child realizes what a dink they've been, and Reunited! Time for a partyYeah, it's a story I've been seeing often, but it's no less good and compelling here then it was in the others. So now that we know the story, moving on to other aspects. I thought the voice acting and choices for it were spot on. I went into the film knowing who voiced half the characters already, but they made me believe that they were their characters, that these cavemen would actually sound like Nicolas Cage and Ryan Reynolds. Some of the best one liners in the film were from Cage's character Grug.
The animation I also liked. In some scenes it's very colorful and vibrant, reminds me a tiny bit of the backgrounds they tried to do in Oz, but where that failed due to obvious green screening, this soared brilliantly since it was all the same animation style and the characters were actually there in the environment, and not imagining it.
This movie also came very close to making me cry because a situation made me feel sad for the characters. It takes something pretty powerful to get me there over fictional characters I haven't invested that much time in. There also *is* an after credits scene at the end of the movie. Nothing impactful though, just 3 of the elephant-mice playing their trunks like horns in a Mariachi band for a few moments. Cute, but skippable.

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