Thursday, April 4, 2013

G.I.Joe: Retaliation


White House Down

Lone Ranger

Hangover 3

Fast and Furious 6

Star Trek: Into Darkness

World War Z

On to the movie.
G.I. Joe

Long story short, I went into this movie expecting explosions, sword fights, and possibly a montage. The movie gave me all that and threw in a shirtless Storm Shadow, so in all, it exceeded my expectations. I didn't see the first movie, so can't say how well they continued that story, but in the opening credits they did a quick  recap to get everyone all caught up who may not have seen the first movie, so that was another plus. There were a lot of jokes and witty one liners thrown around, another plus for me. One thing I thought was weird was one of the bad guys at one point playing Angry Birds on his phone. First I thought it was silly and would date the movie once the fad passes, but after a few moments of thinking about the game, the concept became brilliant. They were using the game as a metaphor for what was going on in the scene.
All things considered, it's a fun brainless movie to go see for mindless action.

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