Friday, March 22, 2013

Zenkaikon Day 1

It's shaping up to be an awesome convention this weekend. Connected with friends, acted a fool trying to explain how I felt about something but poorly, and saw some awesome panels. Bad news, no free wifi except in the lobby possibly, so posting from my phone right now. This means hardly any pics or videos until I get back home and can upload, but I will be getting them ready on the laptop, labelled and organized so I can get them out in several posts Sunday night to Monday morning. I'd stretch them out but I'd like to keep all the con posts in order and finished before I go see and post about the movies Monday and Tuesday afternoons. Also, not many videos going up, even if you saw me recording something, only about 10% are maybe going to be uploaded as clips or stills. I was really only taking videos so I could enjoy the panels more in real time. Last year I spent so much time writing about what was happening and didn't really enjoy it.
I'll leave you all with this one pic taken with my phone today.

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