Monday, March 25, 2013

Zenkaikon Day 1 Part 2

Home again, on to updates! Friday was a fun day full of meeting new people, reconnecting with old acquaintances, and having fun attending a few panels.
So Friday I decided to wear the Mighty Max outfit.
Where's a portal when you need one?

For reference, here's part of the first episode. Love that show.

Not many people recognized me which turned out to be a good thing since it gave me the chance to take lots of pictures and just chat with people. I also decided to see random panels when I had the time, which turned out to be one of the best decisions of the weekend.
Pictures on flickr can be found here at Reitein700 Zenkaikon 2013
On a whim I chose to go see 'Eien Strife's Video Game Challenges' panel.

I'm not sure what exactly made me choose this one, but I'm so extremely glad I did. The group had people from the audience volunteer to come up and play a level in a video game while doing something silly or while something silly was going on/being done to them. It sounds weird to say this, but they were genuinely funny and completely unscripted with jokes they were shooting off between each other and with the audience. They seemed truly interesting and I went and bought their cd shortly after to hear what their music sounded like and loved it. They have videos and pictures on their website, go check them out. or on their youtube. I then proceeded to go to most of their panels and shows this weekend minus 2 because or previous engagements. More on that later
After more wandering, I headed to Uncle Yo's Stand up Comedy, where he told jokes from his newest album, Ecto-Kitt-Lorean. It was hilarious as always, not sure what else there is to say since I've said so much about him already in several past posts. For those who had heard about an interview, not going up on this blog. I'll maybe link to where it was done for in reality, but not hosted here since it wasn't actually for this blog. I did talk with this one awesome guy while waiting with my 'friend', I wish I knew your name, you gave me some great advice for the future I'll definitely be using for my video tomorrow.
Final panel of the night was 'Avatar the Last Con Panel V:BoomerAang There and Back Again.' saw this group at Zenkaikon last year, and was thrilled to see them back. New material discussed about what might happen in the coming season of The Legend of Korra with concept art, new characters and leaked video. There were also descriptions and demonstrations of the different types of martial arts that inspired the types of bending. I decided to give the trivia a try but tanked. I got the simple math problem right though, so at least I'm not a total failure. Remember what I said about who I sat next to last year? Yeah, this year it was a heckler I had the pleasure of sitting next to. Again, here is where Toph and Aang can be found.
Going through Flickr found a bunch of great photos from these people and more.
Digital Ink

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