Monday, March 25, 2013

Zenkaikon 2013 Day 2

Saturday morning dawns, and what kind of Saturday would it be without cartoons? I donned my Max outfit again to check out 'Saturday Morning (and beyond) Cartoons of the 80's and 90's.' Panel was hosted by Kevin Bolk, artist, and was hilarious and entertaining. I don't want to spoil his panel for you to see in the future, but even if I did you should check out his panels and comics, he's very entertaining. Some of my favorites included the Super Mario Super Show, The Legend of Zelda, Fox's Peter Pan and the Pirates, and Pirates of Dark Water.
After the panel tried to get a few more pics but it didn't quite work out so I changed into plainclothes which got me a lot of compliments. I decided to wear my shirt with this design.
The artist is Karen Hallion, and I love her work. You should see some of the prints she has on sale in her Etsy shop, just beautiful.

After taking more pictures of people, went to 'Eien Strife's Stories of Adventuring' panel. Going to share a video from their Youtube channel that they showed, but seriously, go check them out, they have the songs from their album on the channel that you can listen to before buying the cd. 
The panel was comprised of q/a sessions between videos and songs. They sang some popular songs like Still Alive, the Pokemon Theme song, and one of theirs, Follow the Star. Ended out the panel with everyone there getting in a victory pose up front.

Next up was the 'Webcomics 101' panel. Hosted by T. Campbell, Scott Kurtz, Jessi and Matt, creator of Not so Magical Girl, and the creator of Friday Nights. The panel was very informative, mostly q/a, but I took lots of notes if I feel the need to go that direction in the future. You never know. 
There were a few hours between it and the next panel I promised to go to, so I decided to get changed and end the night out as Joey Wheeler.
Not going to go in depth on the last two panels of Saturday, went to 'How to Burlesque' followed by 'Beyond the Tentacle with +2 Comedy.' I'm still trying to figure out why I went to the Burlesque panel, it's not something I would normally go to, but I thought that after the conversations I had Friday night, it was time to do something crazy and out of my comfort zone. Especially since it was highly unlikely anyone would be getting undressed, I felt more comfortable deciding to sit through this. Most of it was a q/a with talking about how they got into this business, followed by a demonstration and basic dance that everyone had to get up and do. And before anyone asks, yes I danced, it wasn't any worse than anything that's happened at RHPS, and no, I'm not ever going to be going down that path, so don't worry about praying for me or things like that. 
The +2 panel was next. Now, I feel the need to put a little disclaimer here. I don't watch 'adult videos' I'm not into that kind of thing, but I said I'd go and had no previous obligations that I thought were at different times. No offense to anyone who does watch that kind of thing, I just don't feel like it's worth my time when there are so many other things clamoring for it. That being said, the videos and topics did make me a tiny bit uncomfortable with it being in a large crowd, but Noah and Will from +2 Comedy were funny and I was glad I went to that panel since I probably wouldn't have bought the dvd otherwise. Watching the dvd tomorrow before work, more on that later.

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