Monday, March 18, 2013

Updates and news

Just a quick update on everything going on right now. I know Burt Wonderstone just came out, but because of things happening, I'll be seeing it Monday the 25th, and the Croods on Tuesday the 26th. My job has had me working weird hours until after my 'vacation' this weekend. Which brings me to my other news. I'll be going to Zenkaikon this weekend, and being sad reading all the tweets and updates about Pax. Sadness will be contained within the hotel room though, as I'm looking forward to meeting a lot of new people and networking this weekend. I'll be a blonde, this weekened only, dressed as Joey Wheeler, or Max the Cap-Bearer. The days leading up will be full of last minute prep, both for the con and Easter and watching massive amounts of Mighty Max. Yes, I'm one of those people who when dressed as a character, I like getting the lines and way of speaking correct. Also my Joey is going to be abridged Joey, easier for me to do that accent and funnier.
I'm also hoping to be able to go to Otakon this year as well, but if I don't, there will still be the Renn Faire and other small events to go to.
Other news, some interesting things to talk about. I finally got around to watching the BBC's Sherlock, Loved it! I won't be getting The Hobbit when it comes out tomorrow, I'm waiting for the special extended edition like what I have with the LOTR dvd sets. Loved the finale of King of the Nerds. The one I was rooting for the whole time didn't win, but he's still awesome. I'm amazed it took me this long to find this movie, but I just finished watching 'Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel.' I freaking love this movie, Chris O'Dowd is great in it, and will be getting it on dvd very soon and sharing it with all my friends. Not quite sure how to put this in words, between the dialogue, references to other means and stories f time travel, and the need to be thinking about the movie while watching it, it's all just amazing. The thinking part I might have liked the most, where you had to get involved in the movie thinking about the different timelines they cross into and change. It really makes you get invested in the movie, even though it's not really interactive.

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