Thursday, February 7, 2013

Warm Bodies

I lucked out again with choosing this movie to see this week. Trying to see at least one movie a week this year, I'm bound to see some not so good films, but luck still holding out. Preview time! In addition to the previews linked to below, we also had A Good Day to Die Hard, Beautiful Creatures, and Safe Haven, all linked to and talked about in last week's Hansel & Gretel post
Monster University
This one looks interesting, not much to say about it, I'm probably going to see it when it comes out.

The Host
To be honest, I haven't read the book, and so far I'm not interested in seeing the movie.


This one looks intriguing and one I'm also going to try and see.

Now You See Me
I have this feeling that the story shown in the trailer isn't really the main point of the movie. That being said, I look forward to seeing this movie and finding out what really happens.

Tyler Perry's Temptation
I'm not sure what to say about this one. It looks very well done with a solid story and some great actors,  I just normally don't like or watch movies in this genre. If you do, you should definitely go see it when it comes out, it looks like a very good movie and worth the money.

And now onto Warm Bodies.

Now when I go to watch movies, unless it's a sequel, prequel, or direct remake/reboot of another movie, I don't go in connecting it to anything else. I have seen zombie movies before, and have read countless stories of zombie lore, so I know how there are many different interpretations and reboot points in time where certain stories originated and other pieces of lore fade into obscurity. The point I'm trying to make is that I'm going into this movie with brand new eyes, and not mad that they retcon or change how zombies think, act and change. People shouldn't compare it to certain other movies which 'originated' the zombie tropes in movies these days. If you go into this movie thinking like that, I know you're going to hate it. If you go into this movie thinking anything at all, think of it as Zombie Romeo and Juliet. I had suspicions when I found out their names are R and Julie, but didn't think anything else into it.
So the movie starts with R monologuing about his life, glossing over the fact nobody knows how it started or what happened to cause the zombie outbreak, and how losing hope turns you into a Bony. Some of his insights are hilarious and true to life as we know it now, going through life. For some reason most of the zombies shown in the movie wander around the airport, and R lives in an airplane much like Ariel's grotto, full of human things like records and a record player, bobbing head dog, and for some reason a Stereoscope. He collects these things when he and a pack of zombies go out hunting to find humans to eat. I found it interesting when he explained why they eat humans and why zombies always go for the brains. I know a lot of people didn't like that they see the deceased's life and regain a bit of humanity for a few moments, to feel alive again before going back to the existence they knew before. I'm going to take a step away from not connecting the movie to anything else to make a connection. Sorry. I like that they connected the new zombie meme of eating brains with the older zombie meme of eating salt to bring back your memories of your former life and death, to make something new in zombie lore. 
So we get to the part where he meets Julie. Her 'party' is tasked with going outside the safe zone and bringing back medical supplies for the rest of the humans within the walled off city where they live. I like the gallows humor graffiti in the wall outside the doors into and out of the city. Music features heavily into the film, with R liking to listen to records, and most of the music is actually being played in the movie universe by the characters and not something chosen to make just us the audience get more into the movie and feeling certain things. For instance when R fist meets Julie, in his head he's hearing the song he was listening to earlier, John Waite's Missing You. Cue hilarity when the boy'friend' Perry shoots R in the back, stopping the song abruptly, and 'challenging' R to fight and kill him. Here's where the Romeo and Juliet references and parallels start beating you upside the head, going 'See what I did there?'
I thought the next section of the movie was cute, after eating Perry's brain and finding out she misses airplanes, he takes her back to the airport, saying he wants to keep her safe, but I think it's really because he wanted to give her something she wanted, kind of as a weird gift. Seemed like a really sweet move and gives the movie time for them to get to know each other and for her to get over the conditioning her father gave her for the undead. Several times she tries to escape, the first time's hilarious when he saves her and mimes being dead, doing the 'hands out in the international zombie symbol*' to get her back into the plane and safe again until her next breakout attempt.
After eating the last piece of Perry's brain, he decides to take her back home where she wants to be. We see more of the zombies starting to become more human like R, and some hilarious moments with his friend Marcus. Just like Mercutio, Marcus has some of the best one liners in the movie, with witty responses to things happening around them.
Of course on the way to the safe city, Julie runs out on R after being told he's the one who killed Perry. On his way back to the airport, R runs into Marcus, who tells him about the changes happening and that the bonies are coming to kill him and Julie since they don't want there to be a cure. R breaks into the city using an abandoned tunnel he saw Julie and Perry going down before in his memories. Cue balcony scene where R waits outside for Julie to perhaps wander out when she's talking to her bff Nora. They make plans and cue makeover montage, which is hilarious. Stopping here since the movie's almost over at this point, and you'll have to see it for yourself to see if they continue with the Romeo parallels or twist it into a different and new ending.
All of the actors in the movie were fantastic, never once was I pulled out of the movie due to something being bad, I believed they were their characters the whole movie, which is always something I like in movies, the believability factor. Nicholas Hoult and Teresa Palmer have great chemistry in the movie, and I look forward to seeing movies either of them do in the future. This has to be the best variation on Shakespeare's play I've seen yet. Took the story, gave it a zombie twist, and made it awesome.

*Reference from one of Jessie Cox's Minecraft videos, you should watch his stuff, he is one hilarious gamer.

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