Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Loot Crate: Doctor

Just got another package in the mail, squee! Again not filming an unboxing, so hopefully you enjoy this pic post with both sets of my feelings as I go through the awesome prizes(as always) in this month's box. Sorry in advance for all the non-words and extreme or excess punctuation, trying to get my enthusiasm on paper as simply as possible without a ton of huge words.
Funny side story, the mailman doesn't knock when we have packages delivered. So I'm sitting here watching something with Tayron when the mail comes. I hear the outer door open and close after something is put down. I quickly open the door to see the Loot Crate box there, and the mailman, still going down the stairs, turns and semi-apologizes for not having anything else for us today. Here I'm looking at him like, 'wha-? This is all I want.'
First shot, the unopened box.
Nice new black box this month.

Open the box and you get tips for sharing your awesome prize with the internet.
Also everything is covered by a nice colored blue shirt. Whatever could the shirt be hiding? 

Eeee! The Tardis Prime shirt I've been eyeing online for a while now. Love it!!!!
Tayron holding it up for the camera, unable to look away from the television. Still loving the bowtie and sonic gun, so awesome! I'm thinking even though it's my size, Tay will be sneaking it out of my closet to wear. Shirt courtesy of GraphicLab tees.

Underneath the shirt, the first thing I saw was this beauty. Mega Man Cool Rush scented air freshener. 
Trying to figure out where to hang this, freshener from Epic Scents.

The next thing I saw was this Tetris Wall Heart, so cool!

My second reaction almost distracted me from the rest of the box, as I tried to figure out where I can put this. Graphic from Walls360.

This one had initial mixed reactions. I pick it up, and see the LootCrate side first. Turn it around, and it's a shark with a frickin' laser beam on it's head, oh my goodness and more squeeing.
Awesome Shark Drink Cooler from Loot Crate Labs themselves. Already know what I'm using this for, going to put it around the can holding my paintbrushes, so it's right in a sweet spot on my crafting table.

These next two items had me laughing so hard. 
The Bacon Lip Balm from J&D sounds delicious, as do all of their other products. I don't wear lip balms or lipstick, but I'd make an exception for this one. The Caffeinated Brain Bits from Harcos Labs struck me as hilarious and would be a neat accessory or add-on for a zombie event like cosplay, movie night or game night.

As always, in every Loot Crate is this card explaining the items, the connection and where they came from. I love the writers behind this marketing tool with their descriptions of the items and stories.

Final shot of everything.

Final thoughts? The theme is fantastic with the Doctors of Who, Light and Evil being represented and Loot Crate just keeps getting better and better with more amazing items every month. I can't say how much I love this company and the marketing behind it, this box introduced me to some new shops/sites with great products that I'll be getting in the future. If you haven't signed up already you definitely should.

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