Sunday, February 17, 2013

Beautiful Creatures

One of the things I'm starting to like about my goal for movies this year, is that I'm taking risks and chances I normally wouldn't take. The past 3 movies I've seen, would normally be ones I'd wait and catch on dvd if a friend said it was any good. This time around, I'm the one catching the good movies and it makes me happy.
On to the Trailers!
Looks like an interesting movie, on my possible see list.

World War Z
Nothing to say here that hasn't been said already.

Dark Skies
Tayron will probably end up seeing this one, I'm not so sure myself.

The Last Exorcism Part 2
Another Tayron movie. We'll have to see if he'll want to put his two cents in.

Oz the Great and Powerful
Nothing to say here, I knew I'd be going to see this the moment I saw the China girl, I knew this would be a legit movie.

The Great Gatsby

Jack the Giant Slayer
This one looks insteresting, another I'll be seeing in the theater.

Moving over to the movie now
As someone asked yesterday, this movie does seem like something right off the CW, with their lineup of teen shows, but seeing as I don't watch the CW, and don't normally watch teen flicks, I can't say if it's similar to other movies or not. Also, blank slate going into movies, remember?
If you want to know more about the story, I'd recommend reading the book like I'm doing, or you can go here
So the movie opens up with our main character Ethan providing an opening monologue about the setting they are in, Gatlin SC, and what he wants from life. He talks about dreams and dying, and at times the monologue is quite humorous. He meets up with his friend to go to school, and even though I'm not a teen anymore, I hear them talk all the time at my work and their dialogue does seem natural for two teen boys, even with them spouting more exposition. The girls talking on the other hand, is still believable for where they are and how they were raised, I just find all the Christian preaching, complaining, and yelling out prayers in the movie annoying and obnoxious.
After some hilarious dialogue with our other main character Lena, where he talks about what could have happened at the end of the Titanic movie, they go to her house. Here we meet the reclusive uncle, Macon Ravenwood. From the dialogue in the trailer, and from early dialogue here, I thought his reasons for keeping her away from him were stupid. It's like, your dark side wants to kill humanity, so let us keep you away from them, and keep you only around crazy-butt casters so you choose to stay god and protect humanity? That sounds stupid. The movie redeems itself later though, giving more info and dialogue that she shouldn't fall in love with a human based on some crazy ancestor who couldn't keep her marbles together.
And the uncle used to be a dark caster, what? So Male Casters can be in control of themselves, while Female Casters don't have control over themselves? But they are more powerful because of it? I'm a bit confused, to be honest I never read the books, just picked the first one up after the movie yesterday and reading as soon as possible, maybe it's explained more there.
Serafine is totally on the crazy train to awesomeness here, no lie, I was sure she'd 'die' in the movie, but actress Emma Thompson went all out and and was totally convincing as an insane caster who left her humanity behind long ago. Now we come to the dinner scene from the trailer, and it is amazing. The practical effects were superb, and no green screen which is impressive. I love the one relative is just sitting there eating like this happens all the time.
Another joke I loved was when Ethan has this whole big speech about how you can change your fate, and destiny doesn't control you, you control your destiny. Then they go on a date to see 'Finale Destination 6.' Most of the rest of the notes here on out get spoiler-y, so I'll end the thoughts here. All in all, it's a good movie, the few bad things I thought about it were done on purpose to prove a point like Ethan's ex-girlfriends character and how she's annoying all the time. If you have a chance, check it out in theaters, or at the very least, grab the dvd. I'd be interested in watching the sequel since there are a series of books in this line.

edit: I've finished the first book and moved on to Beautiful Darkness. I liked the book, the movie is very different at parts with some things changed to edit for time constraints, but some things were completely invented just for the movie it seems. I'm going through to try and finish all the novels in this series in case they're borrowing from other books again, like in the Hobbit.

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