Sunday, January 6, 2013


Just out of the holidays, my job has scaled hours back, and I'm left with an abundance of time on my hands. I know I should be doing productive things, and getting things done like more things to sell, finishing costumes for the hopefully multiple cons I want to go to this year, and generally pimping myself out more online(*glares at the empty header above*). Yet everytime I sit down at my workspace, it just seems.....boring. I sit staring at my hands, wondering why I'm here at this point in my life, like what's the point of it all? I spend most of my time being happy for people, then when I get to what I finally want to do, I've no energy to want to force myself to do it. Does anyone else ever feel like this? What do you do to get past it? 
(Also I'd get rid of the energy suckers, but that's another problem completely. One I just have to work through on my own.)

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