Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Hansel & Gretel thoughts

Since this isn't like the normal films I go see in the theater, going to be short on movie info and long on trailer info. Seemed like there were more trailers than usual, but maybe it's because they were all new-ish to me and not the normal kiddy fare I usually see over and over.

First up we had a trailer for the new Die Hard movie, 'A Good Day to Die Hard'
Not sure how to feel about this one yet, more about it if I end up watching it.

Next we had 'Safe Haven'
I had mixed emotions for this one. Starts out sounding like your normal Nicholas Sparks fare, but then twists into something different. I'm not into his novels or the movies based on them, but this one actually looks interesting.

Then came 'Olympus has Fallen'
First off, I'd like to remind you all I'm a bit of a weirdo. This starts, and immediately I'm thinking *Holy cow, the president's wife dies and she comes back to haunt him and the agent who let her die, this is going to be an amazing horror movie yay!* But then it turns into the basic plot of ex-special forces agent has to save the president from the bad guys, blah blah, only the scene has changed from new york/air force one, to the White House. First half intriguing, second half straight out of a Kurt Russell movie. Next.

Now we have 'The Call'
The trailer speaks for itself here, but how many random guys does our serial killer have to murder before someone realizes his direction and position?

This trailer I see all over at the mall, 'Beautiful Creatures'
This one looks interesting, seems like it was made for teens, but Jeremy Irons is in it, so it's worth a watch for me.

Another trailer for 'Star Trek: Into Darkness'
I'm not that much into Star Trek, and Tayron doesn't know how he feels about this movie yet, so it's up in the air if we see this one or not.

Saving the best for last, the trailer for 'Jurassic Park 3D'
Hate all you want, but I love this movie and look forward to seeing it in theaters again, in 3D or not.

Now we get to the feature presentation, 'Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters.' I'm finding it hard to talk about this movie without spoiling anything, or giving some of my favorite dialogue due to all the cursing. Remember, trying to keep this blog young person friendly. We'll start at the beginning.
The intro is pretty standard fairytale lore, setting up the backstory in universe, mother tells father to ditch the kids in the forest, he reluctantly does so, kids find cottage-
Stopping there a moment. I really enjoyed the cottage design, looking creepy and mystical, but still made out of candy, door covered in candy runes and symbols. It was gorgeous.

So the kids kill the witch, who looked fantastically ugly to me until I saw the countless witches near the end, and they move on. Cue the opening credits. This bit was also great, animated woodcarving image montage of the kids killing many witches and growing up into the adults they'll be for the rest of the movie. After the montage is done, I just want to mention this part, the next scene that comes up is a crowded marketplace where there is a man selling bottles of milk that have pictures of children tied to them. Hansel and Gretel go on a hunt after humiliating the sheriff. They seem to get their butts kicked as much as they kick butt.
....And I find I can't say anymore about the movie. I have pages of notes, but don't want to spoil anything, or even give away some of the best bits in the beginning. For instance, the entire tavern scene I found absolutely hilarious. The action scenes were well done I thought, the dialogue, while not witty, was still amazing. It seemed like people knew this was going to be a bad movie going in, and just went all out and turned it from something blah, into something amazing.
One last thing I want to mention is the use of practical effects. There isn't much cgi in the movie, what is in it is used to enhance what is already there and going on, like some of the witches spells and magic. Other things, for instance, there is a troll assisting the witches in capturing the children, and he's an animatronic creature.
So I went into this movie not expecting much other than gratuitous action scenes, and came out loving it and cannot wait until it comes out on dvd.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Loot Crate Excelsior

Earlier this month someone linked me to something awesome. It's a site called Loot Crate, which offers a monthly geek and gamer related subscription box. You sign up and every month get a new box full of awesome stuff. I looked through the old boxes and it seemed interesting enough, so I decided to give it a shot. In lieu of an unboxing video, I'd like to do a picture/description blog today.
Loot Crate box right from the mailman.

Opened the box up and see the informative guide to contents and a 'Marvel Workmans Carry All,' awesome tin to store items in. Inner fangirl at this point was literally squeaking with delight at having guessed right at there being something Marvel related.

Shot of the tin opened.

Set of 7 translucent RPG dice. At this point I was giggling at having a second set of dice to call my own, and glad to not have to borrow Tayron's to have extra.

'Hello Panda Chocolate deliciousness' 
Sound of joy at this item, I love this type of candy and had just run out last week.

'8-bit Zombie Power Pack' collection of stickers and pins full of nostalgia and zombies

All the stickers and pins from the pack, love the Lucas zombie. Burst out laughing when I saw that one.
And that's my first Loot Crate. It's definitely something I'll be getting again, between the awesome items they contain and the suspense of the mystery every month, I'm addicted. If you like what you see, why not head over and check it out?

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Geeky TV

Disclaimer - I thought long and hard about this post, wanting to do it last night, but deciding to sleep on it and see if it was still a good idea this morning. I still feel the same, that I want to explain something, but some of my points seem like people may take it as a direct attack against them. I'm not singling any specific person out, but rather talking about the whole of my twitter, facebook and other Internet sites i read about this show. I'm also not going to say the name of the show, but you probably know exactly what it is based on the content.

So last night my feeds blow up with links and articles about a promo for a popular show airing soon. Nearly all the people posting had some measure of hate about this, and while I'm not saying that they're wrong, I'm saying that they're probably going about it the wrong way. Please hear me through before yelling at me. In this promo some attractive girls go into a 'geek stronghold' and everyone goes silent, staring at them in fear and awe. This seems to be what everyone is so incensed about. I see their anger and wonder why they are so hateful about this.

Break for backstory, sorry. I grew up around comics and have been to many a comic book store in my life, and this has never happened to me. Ever. With the exception of one incident, the stores I've been in have treated me as a person. No girls, no guys, just comic book loving people. But my experiences haven't been every one's. A good friend of mine went to a few stores in the past and according to her, what happened in the promo, did actually happen. (maybe I'm just not pretty. j/k) So I completely understand why they did what they did here. It's mean and perpetuates a stereotype that needs to die, but I understand.

The first point people seem to be missing, is that this show exists to make money. You can polish up your intentions as good as you want, but this is a show on a major network, they sink or swim on ratings and revenue. Catering to just one demographic isn't so smart. Some jokes we geeks find hurtful and mean, are ones other people find hilarious. For every good piece of actual nerd dialogue, they have to write jokes other demographics would find funny in this world they created. I'm not saying it's right, I'm just saying I understand.

Second point. With all your posts, and reposts and hateful words on why this show sucks and needs to die, you're playing into the first point. Giving them free advertising and spreading the hate around.

Third point. Again, it seems everything goes back to the first point. The writers write these things to make money. They aren't writing the jokes they want to hear, they're writing the jokes they think people want to hear.

I think maybe, just maybe, instead of spouting off hate for this show that exists to make money for people, you should try this approach.
"I'm not a fan of this show, but you should definitely check X show out instead, it's amazing!"

Here's a list of channels with shows on youtube I think people should definitely see.
First up on the list is Geek & Sundry.
Next we have Rhett & Link
Another great one to check out is The Warp Zone.
Finally(for now) we have Loading Ready Run.

The thing I've noticed with all this channels and videos, is that they don't seem to be writing to profit. To me, they seem to be writing the jokes that they want to hear, the things they find funny, and posting them online so that other people might find them funny too. That makes them amazing in my book and something to be spread more than some silly TV show. In the comments below, share your favorite 'geeky' shows. If you don't have any, make your own. Write the shows you want to see and send them in, I love expanding my watch list.

Sunday, January 6, 2013


Just out of the holidays, my job has scaled hours back, and I'm left with an abundance of time on my hands. I know I should be doing productive things, and getting things done like more things to sell, finishing costumes for the hopefully multiple cons I want to go to this year, and generally pimping myself out more online(*glares at the empty header above*). Yet everytime I sit down at my workspace, it just seems.....boring. I sit staring at my hands, wondering why I'm here at this point in my life, like what's the point of it all? I spend most of my time being happy for people, then when I get to what I finally want to do, I've no energy to want to force myself to do it. Does anyone else ever feel like this? What do you do to get past it? 
(Also I'd get rid of the energy suckers, but that's another problem completely. One I just have to work through on my own.)

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Beginnings

Happy 2013 to everyone. This is going to be a great year, time for new beginnings and being awesome. So far 2013 is shaping up to be a much better year than 2012, for all the high points on my blog, there were several low points I was only able to get through due to my friends, family, and love of Monty Python. You know the song. ^_~ You are all awesome and I wish you all the best this year.

I'd like to share this craft I found several days ago, I'm in the middle of making one now.

It's a papercraft Kadomatsu. I know the Wiki article I just linked says it should have been up before now, but the  site I got it from (full link below) says it's displayed starting today, the 1st. Enjoy!