Wednesday, December 5, 2012

December 5

Day 5 is here! You might be thinking this charm is a little weird for a December countdown bracelet. I hate to pull this card, but my bracelet, my rules. 
This charm is of the sun emblem in Tangled, done in Shrinky Dink plastic.
Time for backstory and insights into my weird brain. There are a few movies I watch at certain times throughout the year, every year. You already saw my Halloween picks in a previous post, today I watch Tangled. 
Now, I had first thought the movie had sounded okay when it came out in theaters, but it wasn't until my friends had told me how awesome it was that I went and saw it myself. I didn't know exactly what the story was about, I only knew it was about Rapunzel, and that a tavern scene was amazing. So I went and saw it December 5th, 2010. On my birthday, I went and saw a movie about Rapunzel's dream for her birthday. And the film is amazing, don't get me wrong, and I do watch it at other times of the year, but today rolls around, and it magically finds itself in the dvd player to be watched.
So the fun linkage you get today, one of my favorite places to go, Disney Crafts at, Tangled crafts:

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