Monday, December 31, 2012

December 31

December 31st, New Years Eve. Not able to watch the ball drop tonight, so I'm dropping it myself onto my bracelet.
Craftster rounded up a few neat crafts to make for the coming year, you can find them here.

December 30

Day 30, sparkly hard candy.

Loving this garland idea from Martha Stewart's site. It makes me want to duplicate the candies in clay and make bracelets now.

December 29

A small toy drum.

I know Christmas is over, but I love this song that matches today.

December 28

A little toy soldier

I know this crafty link is for Nutcrackers, but sadly I couldn't find any nutcracker charms. This is definately on my list for next year.

December 27

Can you tell I like glittery/sparkly things yet? Pretty cupcake today.

List of delicious holiday themed cupcakes can be found here

December 26

It's snowing where I am today, so we get another snowflake.

I'm kind of weird. I love snowflakes and the glittery look of freshly fallen snow, but I hate the cold. Every time I feel like I want to move someplace warm, I remember how pretty it is and don't want to move. Today's link is more crafty snowflakes, this time Doctor Who style. Fitting with me just being able to watch the Christmas Special today and it dealing with snowmen.

December 25

Looks like today is December 25th. Thank you charm for reminding me. ^_^

I had so many different ideas for today's charm. Ultimately it boiled down to a Christmas charm, or Doctor Who charm. So I played the safe route again with generic day charm. I am sharing this hilarious video BBC posted a few days ago. Enjoy!

December 24

Generic well wishing charm, no matter your religion. ^_^
I'm going to bend the rules a little today. I love the Warp Zone's videos. Love them. Most of them I'd never share here because the content is a little ...mature for some of the people who read my blog. But this went up a few days ago and fits with today's charm. Please don't watch if easily offened because it is a bit offensive.

December 23

More glittery snowflake goodness on day 23.

Need more Wintertime decorations at your dwelling? Babble has compiled a list of 30 Star Wars Snowflake patterns.

December 22


I can't choose just one craft/item for today, so check out all the penguin goodies on pinterest.

December 21

Starting to get cold out finally, so on day 21 we get a hat.

If you don't have a hat yet, this site has a cute crochet pattern for making your very own Gingerbread man crochet hat.

December 20

Beaded Ornament on the 20th day.

December 19

Day 19 glitter! Sparkly green glitter candy today.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

December 18 The Hobbit

Since I am still in the middle of my December charm countdown, but saw an awesome movie today, you get the one ring.

I had read The Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings trilogy ages ago, and decided to reread it before seeing the movie. There were some things I loved that they kept, others were interestingly added to pad out the movie and flesh out the Gandalf side story in all the books, few additions had me giggling like a schoolgirl, and a small amount of things I was unhappy with. So let's start at the beginning. (note, my notes aren't as thorough as they are in other movies, since I felt it a waste of time to write down what was happening when it happened the exact way or close enough as it did in the book)
Opening up with Bilbo spouting exposition and Frodo going to meet Gandalf where he does at the start of The Fellowship. Nice touch tying it together. Also nice was moving up the dwarven backstory, so it's told somewhat in the order it happened, rather than just being a flashback fed to Bilbo in the middle of the dinner scene. Which was amazing by the way, loved that they actually sang the song from the book. 

Brief interlude for a parody that comes amazingly close to the dinner scene.

I don't know why, but I didn't much care for the contract. Where did that come from? Bilbo told the dwarves no? How did he know where to meet them and that they would have just accepted him after his rude treatment? Why did he not invite Gandalf for tea to explain why all the dwarves were coming to the house? It all seems extremely rude, and it wouldn't have hurt to add one or two lines of dialogue, wouldn't have padded out the movie anymore than it had already been. Thought Bilbo definitively saying no did make for a hilarious scene where it;s revealed the dwarves were betting on him.
Where did the Radagast story come from? The bunny sled he rides is awesome, but I'm curious as to which 'side book' it's coming from, I don't remember it from the four books. Same goes for the Moria backstory, maybe I have to read LOTR again, but didn't the orcs move in long after the dwarves abandoned it after digging up the Balrog? (edit- thanks for the comment! Found out it's from The Silmarillion, the one book I haven't read yet. Working on acquiring said book.)
Skipping ahead a bit since a lot of the questions raised are the same as the ones before. Some things were just hilarious cliches like the scene in the goblin's 'front porch,' and Thorin's anger at Bilbo.
Here there be spoilers and rant at a missed opportunity, highlight if you want to read.
So in the last scene they set it up to show the mountain, with the Thrush knocking on the stone waking up Smaug. That part was okay, no problems there, awesome that they showed Smaug in the first movie. I think there was a missed line they should have had right before it, while the dwarves are staring at the mountain, where Gandalf could have said in passing, 'a friend lives close by, we should rest and regroup' or something like that. Sets up the next movie to be arriving at his house where they reintroduce the dwarves 2 by 2 and let the friend know what happened.

December 17

Lovely green ornament charm.
You can make your own ornaments with this neat and easy tutorial here,

December 16

I think we need more lights.
Light crafts and more at this link, where you'll find 30 inspiring Christmas Crafts.

December 15

This charm was selected for it's resemblance to wrapping paper.
Two links today! First, this link gives some different ideas for making your own wrapping paper
This one shows you very easily how to wrap the gift then, if you're anything like me and make Tayron wrap everything since his wrapping job always turns out so nice.

December 14

Nice shiny green and red poinsettia charm.
You should check out the rest of The Crafty Crow's posts, especially the rest of her advent crafts. Definately some I'll be making in the future.

December 13

More Snowmen to hang about.
There are many different ways to go about this type of cookie, with different designs and flavors, but not posting a ton of links to the same concept. Sorry.

December 12

This charm was chosen for the fine artwork on it.
Create some artwork of your own with these coloring pages from

December 11

With all the fun holidays lumped into this time of year, time to-

December 10

Tis the season for snowman building, if only it would snow where I am.
Looks like we'll have to make our own snowmen here,

December 9

Silly charm for today, wearing the North Pole on my wrist.
Where else can this go but to

December 8

And ice skate for today.
Growing up I liked the American Girl nooks, and Samantha's Winter Party was a favorite Christmas read. It followed Samantha and her friends as they met every afternoon to skate together on a frozen pond in the woods.

December 7

Today's charm is lights, shining and twinkling bright.
Fun thing today is a neat idea for cards you can make with the kids or just to send yourself.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

December 6

It's about time for my bracelet to start making noise, today's charm is a bell!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

December 5

Day 5 is here! You might be thinking this charm is a little weird for a December countdown bracelet. I hate to pull this card, but my bracelet, my rules. 
This charm is of the sun emblem in Tangled, done in Shrinky Dink plastic.
Time for backstory and insights into my weird brain. There are a few movies I watch at certain times throughout the year, every year. You already saw my Halloween picks in a previous post, today I watch Tangled. 
Now, I had first thought the movie had sounded okay when it came out in theaters, but it wasn't until my friends had told me how awesome it was that I went and saw it myself. I didn't know exactly what the story was about, I only knew it was about Rapunzel, and that a tavern scene was amazing. So I went and saw it December 5th, 2010. On my birthday, I went and saw a movie about Rapunzel's dream for her birthday. And the film is amazing, don't get me wrong, and I do watch it at other times of the year, but today rolls around, and it magically finds itself in the dvd player to be watched.
So the fun linkage you get today, one of my favorite places to go, Disney Crafts at, Tangled crafts:

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

December 4th

Time to see what the fourth charm is!
Resin and metal poinsettia charm.

Monday, December 3, 2012

December 3rd

Time to add another charm to the bracelet!
Today we have a shrinky dink wreath. 
Sorry if it looks a little weird, I draw it freehand with no templates. I love the bow on the top though, with the ribbon going around to 'tie' the wreath to the bracelet.
Also on today's agenda is plugging an awesome site that I look forward to every friday, Tally's Teasury. If you still have decorating to do, she has a tutorial up for an easy to make wreath, and quick if you find yourself crunched for time this season.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

December Countdown Day 2

December 2nd is here, time for a new charm!

Today's charm is a Perler Bead Peppermint candy.

With today being peppermint, I thought it might be nice to link to some peppermint recipes, first one if for a delicious Peppermint Meringues
And next up is a recipe for Peppermint Bark, a holiday favorite around here.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

December Countdown

One of the things I love doing is making/filling/giving advent calendars. The idea of getting a prize or picture each day just feels awesome, so for the month of December, yes, the entire month, we'll be making a countdown charm bracelet. The charms will be holiday related in some way, and I'll be adding a new one every day, as well as a cute/fun themed video, craft or recipe to get people in a festive mood.
Day 1
First up is a cute little polymer clay gingerbread house I acquired a few years ago.

To go with this gingerbread house, we have a unique website that gathers all kinds of gingerbread related items, from kits, house to buy, one of a kind gingerbread creations and fun activities and games.