Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wacky Wednesday

Time for another collection of cool things found online.
First up is a video from Kishidan, Kira Kira

From the catchy song, to the unique uniforms(each bandmate has a different color) this video is full of awesomeness, even before you get to the invisible guns.

Now for anyone who's ever heard of QWOP, this game is similar, but with a unicorn that has to get to/rescue a fair maiden on the other side of a hill. Warning, it is very addicting.

One of my favorite groups to watch online has a new video out in their series of super hero therapy sessions, and this one is pretty amazing.
Todd makes an awesome Loki.

Speaking of favorite groups, I like a lot of the videos over on This year's anniversary special is turning out to be quite the event, each new segment is better than the last. 
And I'm totally loving this song from it. Someone made a music video from the mp3. you can see it here.

Next up is a video from an artist I got to meet a few years ago, MC Lars. Be sure to check out his site here

Last video is one of my personal favorites. I'll let it speak for itself.
Hatsune Miku "PoPiPo" from the game Project Diva Dreamy Theater

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