Monday, September 17, 2012

Merriment Time!

Time for another fun filled post!
First up today is an article about a new anime coming out next year that I'm now anxious to watch.
Called 'Ladybug' it seems like a lot of fun with what seems like magical people with animal powers. Main character is a ladybug, love interest seems to be a cat, and an evil doer that seems to be a pigeon. Reminds me a bit of Princess Tutu.

If you've ever heard of Cake Wrecks, the woman who does it has another blog you should all go follow, Epbot. One of her latest posts directed me to another blog that seems awesome. Pinstrosity. It takes something from Pinterest that looks awesome, but failed in real life when they tried it, and also sometimes tips on how to fix it.

I love going through Craftster and seeing all the cool things people have made there. This was a fun game I found while trying to get ideas for Harry Potter gifts for friends.

Here we have someone who's gone through every Gameboy game and ranked the top 100. It's been fun seeing where some of my favorites are, and finding new games to acquire.

Finishing off the short list is a video. Someone has scoured Youtube to find all the Minecraft videos and ranked the top ten music videos. This is the second video, of just the ones from this year, 2012.

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