Friday, August 3, 2012

Year 1

So a year has passed since I first started this blog, originally created just for con info and links for people to check out. I've spent this year trying to figure out a design layout and color schemes for my little slice of the Internet, and it keeps coming back to logo/mascot stuff. I've thought for a long hard time and still have only come up with 2 different ideas for it, and neither of them seem to fit. Hopefully the music washes sense into my poor addled brain tonight at Musikfest. It runs from August 3-12 this year, I'll be there for quite a few of those nights.
I'll also be going to the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire on August 12, the time traveler's weekend. I was going to go as Amy Pond since I have a red wig and most of an outfit, but then I thought it was a bit boring, dressing in normal clothes and hoping someone got it. So I was hit with a flash of inspiration wandering around the other day, to dress as another one of my favorite time travelers. No, it isn't Bill or Ted. and also not Magenta or Columbia. You'll have to wait and find out!

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