Saturday, August 11, 2012

MusikFest part 2

My mother is up in the area and staying over at our place for the Renaissance Faire tomorrow. Since we had the whole evening free, we decided to go to Musikfest and walk around, catch a free show or two. We had a great time, being just the two of us, and some cool things happened.
Remember I told you all about Cast in Bronze a post ago? I got to see another show, and picked up 'The Bell Man – The Autobiography of the Man Who Created Cast in Bronze,' and was able to get it signed by the author. Awesome!
Afterwards, we were walking around the Handwerkplatz section, looking at all the vendors, when we came to one selling dichroic and lampwork jewelry(info later, too tired to try and find them in the guide right now). As we're looking, I'm telling her what the jewelry is made of and how the artist made it (the glass work was awesome by the way) and as I'm simplifying the lingo for her to explain how they did the Lampwork beads, one of the ladies behind the counter said I should come work for them. Unfortunately knowing and doing are 2 different things, and lampworking is one of the crafts I'm never going to do, since it involves working hot glass over an open flame.
So tomorrow's the Faire, I've made a steam punk-y hat to wear for the Time Travelers weekend, if it goes over well enough, tutorial to come Monday after work.

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