Saturday, August 4, 2012

Musikfest 2012

Double post day since you're all awesome. I did go to Musikfest like I said I was, but only stayed for a few hours since it was so hot out. I did get to do the two things I went there for, so yay!
After walking around and seeing where everything was and who all was there this year, I sat down to wait for the carillon performance from Cast in Bronze. Once again, they did not disappoint. If they're going to be in your area, you have to go check it out, it's amazing.

Here's a video from YouTube someone took with one of my favorite renditions of the Phantom of the Opera. I get teary every time. Check out the site, any and all of the Cd's or DVD would be a great purchase, I have all but the newest two Cd's, and they are all excellent.

Next up is the group Runa Pacha Wind Rhythms. They play a wide array of songs from around the world using Native instruments from throughout the Americas.

After I was done listening to them for a bit, I started the trek back up Main Street to get my bike and go home while I still had the energy to get home. Halfway there I ran into a street performer in the midst of setting up her act. I have a weakness, a fondness really, for random street performances, so I stopped to watch. The performer's name is Lindsay Benner, and she put on a comedy show with juggling. It was extremely entertaining, and I couldn't pry myself away. Now, since her act can't be purchased on CD/DVD, I didn't take video of her performance, just the preshow, since people supporting her at her shows, well, supports her. She does have a video on her site, and there are YouTube videos other people took that you can go see.
There are many other free performances from other bands at Musikfest, but due to time and temperature constraints, this is all I was able to experience today. If you're in the Bethlehem area or nearby, you have to go walk around, and if you aren't, check out the artists sites I linked to above and go see them when they're in your area.

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