Monday, August 20, 2012

Merriment Monday

Introducing a new segment today. I'm on the internet a lot these days, and I'm always finding some hilarious thing or another. So once a week I'll be posting some of my favorites to cheer you all up for the coming week.
The first one is something I found reading It's from the Portraits in Dramatic Time series, this one is Alan Rickman making a cup of tea, slowed down, and to a track from inception.

Next up is a link from the Set Phasers to LOL section of the I can has Cheezburger site. Someone compiled all of this gentleman's tweets about reading the Robocop remake script into one picture. You can go see it here - Robocop Remake Will Likely Be Terrible.

This one a few people have shared on Twitter, and so I share it here with you all, Bat Cat. Clicking on the link below will take you to a cute little animation.

This next fun item is more of a cute funny thing I'm probably going to buy from Kawaiification Creation, it's one of her charms of a Crying Tofu.

And we'll end this Monday with 2 fun videos. The first is a clip made from something discussed on JesuOtaku's Saturday stream one time, A Wild Miaka Appears.
I'm going to hear those sounds in my head whenever I watch that series now. ^_^

Lastly is something Oancitizen posted on Twitter, Rachel Bloom singing the Seasons of Love in Klingon.

Hope you all enjoyed and that your week is just a little brighter.

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