Friday, July 13, 2012


Time for a mini rant before I put up the post I had wanted to today. I talk to my friends as often as I can. I'm a good listener, and I try not to judge, but if I do judge, I come up with ways what they're doing can be better. Now this is for everyone in the Internet community. Do you know what a survivalist is? Do you really? Because I hear that term being thrown around so much, most of the time as a word for independent, strong and forward thinking when it comes to relationships. That is not what a survivalist is, and I don't care how many psych books tell you so. Wikipedia has a nice article about Survivalism and what it meant through different periods of history. Go read it.

Now based on what the word actually means, Burt Gummer, the character from Tremors, is a survivalist. Beyonce, with all her songs about boys, and being your own woman, not always waiting to be waited on by a boy, is not. See the very key difference? Now I hope I never have to hear that word again, unless you're talking about gearing up for impending doom or the Zombie Apocalypse. 

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