Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Normally about this time I'd be packing and repacking, making sure I have everything ready and not missing anything for my trip down to Baltimore on Thursday. Instead, I'm making sure I have everything ready for work tomorrow and glancing longingly at my closet and the wonderful fabrics stored within. Yup, another reminder that this weekend, I won't be going to Otakon, and while not hating, extremely jealous of all the other people online I know that are going. Speaking of Otakon, with everything I've been hearing about facebook, I'll be uploading some of my favorite pictures from past years onto my flickr, so more people enjoy it, and so they're saved somewhere else. Still really disapointed that I wasted money on registering back in feburary, thinking I'd get a job sooner than I did. Still have off this weekend, but hotel has been cancelled and all people I was going with have dispersed. So not doing anything now except trying to figure out what size to make glittery letters on parchment paper to label my glass jars.
Trying to find the link I got inspired from, but having a hard time finding it. (edit-friend helped find it, link hereIt was a bridesmaid weight loss type thing, with glass vases that has letter stickers on them like pounds to lose and pounds lost. Mine are going to be a bit more quest-y, being used for anything I really want to happen.
So that's what's happening right now, regret, frustration and a bit of boredom thrown in since I still have way too much time on my hands and can't keep coming up with new craft ideas. I have way too many already, and not enough time to do them all.

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