Friday, July 20, 2012


So I recently found out that Netflix just got the 2011 Conan the Barbarian movie. I was kind of on the fence about this, seeing as I like the other movies and read the comics. But I decided to go ahead and watch it anyway.
... It was an okay movie. I didn't feel that it was a Conan movie though. Kind of like it sucked as a Conan movie, but was good as a random barbarian movie. I have way too much to say about this movie, but not enough anger to do it all. So you get the extremes. Good- Love Ron Perlman as the dad, very good job. Also I might have to re watch part of this, since this one scene after they escape from the spinning wheel of death, Conan's telling her to run, then while she's looking around trying to figure out which way to run, he takes his own advice and bolts, leaving her there. I thought that was a hilarious scene.
Bad- Obvious cliche fight is cliche. Them fighting on the prisoner wheel thing over Tamara just seemed like they copied the water wheel scene from the Pirates movie, but to the extreme. The last thing I really was curious about in a bad way was Khalar Zym's swords. At first I thought he wanted to look ridiculous, wielding a weapon with 2 blades, seeing as how it wasn't any more useful than a regular sword. Then in a later fight it comes apart to be 2 swords? At first I'm like 'smart, 2 swords with 1 unsheathing.' Then I realize they didn't have Velcro back in the day and there was nothing available at the time that could separate 2 things that easily in the middle of a fight when you're under pressure. Just another useless gimmick thrown in to look cool.
So, that's my opinion, like it or not.

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