Monday, July 2, 2012

Brave day out

Today I went to see Brave and have an enjoyable day out with my sister in law A and her daughter, niece E. Post about the movie and my thoughts updated tomorrow when I can use the main pc whose keyboard doesn't keep skipping letters. I wanted to get this out asap, since it's pretty awesome and a fantastic favor bag idea that isn't too expensive and crafty. I made niece E this gift since this is an awesome movie, her birthday was a few months ago, and I needed an excuse to make/give a goody bag. I love making little things like this, and if anyone needs ideas for something like this, totally contact me, I don't mind.

I made a Brave goody bag, read on to see what went into it and how to bring it together.

Brave activity book, found here at Disney's site.
Shrink charms, also found at Disney's site. All you need is an inkjet printer and special inkjet shrinky dink sheets. Do not use regular shrinky dink sheets, it will not work, I've already tested and it's a fail.
The treat bag, stickers and lip balm locket all come from Party City, but you can also find them on Amazon, and the pencil came from the dollar store. Put it all together and I believe it's a pretty good bag for any kid, young or old.

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