Saturday, July 28, 2012

Decisions and Party Time!

Sometimes the hardest thing about having a blog to write everything in, is not writing about things. For instance, the day after I had to cancel the hotel for Otakon, I got a message from my cousin about a party she was throwing for her family. It was a combined birthday and anniversary party for all of them, but it was a surprise party. So the whole time I'm preparing for this party and figuring things out (also thankful I get to go somewhere this weekend) I couldn't say anything on facebook or here due to certain family members reading what I say.
J really knows how to throw a party. The venue was nice, decorations gorgeous, and food great. She even got cousins G&M to host their photobooth, which is always a blast, both for the people having fun taking the photos, and later for the happy family/couple viewing all the photos and well wishes later.
After the party, my mother and I went for an evening out alone, checking out a bookstore, the mall and finishing the day off with a movie. She never really goes to the movies unless I drag her along, so we went to see Brave, since I knew she'd love it and she did. It doesn't matter that this is the fourth time for me seeing it, I don't mind watching things multiple times, especially when it's that good. I can't wait until it comes out on dvd since there is nobody else I can really drag along to go see it.
I've talked about this before,  but people who have netflix, or want to rent/buy a dvd, should definitely check out The Decoy Bride, starring David Tennant and Kelly Macdonald, the voice of Merida in Brave. It's a British romantic comedy, and while some of you may be scratching your heads at my previous stance on romantic films, this one is really good. I love it, and it really works in a way I find other films of this genre lacking.
So the next big thing going on then is the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire, I'll be going the Time Traveler's weekend, August 12th. The next few blog posts are probably going to be updates and links from people at Otakon since I apparently want to torture myself with what I can't have.
Till then!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Normally about this time I'd be packing and repacking, making sure I have everything ready and not missing anything for my trip down to Baltimore on Thursday. Instead, I'm making sure I have everything ready for work tomorrow and glancing longingly at my closet and the wonderful fabrics stored within. Yup, another reminder that this weekend, I won't be going to Otakon, and while not hating, extremely jealous of all the other people online I know that are going. Speaking of Otakon, with everything I've been hearing about facebook, I'll be uploading some of my favorite pictures from past years onto my flickr, so more people enjoy it, and so they're saved somewhere else. Still really disapointed that I wasted money on registering back in feburary, thinking I'd get a job sooner than I did. Still have off this weekend, but hotel has been cancelled and all people I was going with have dispersed. So not doing anything now except trying to figure out what size to make glittery letters on parchment paper to label my glass jars.
Trying to find the link I got inspired from, but having a hard time finding it. (edit-friend helped find it, link hereIt was a bridesmaid weight loss type thing, with glass vases that has letter stickers on them like pounds to lose and pounds lost. Mine are going to be a bit more quest-y, being used for anything I really want to happen.
So that's what's happening right now, regret, frustration and a bit of boredom thrown in since I still have way too much time on my hands and can't keep coming up with new craft ideas. I have way too many already, and not enough time to do them all.

Friday, July 20, 2012


So I recently found out that Netflix just got the 2011 Conan the Barbarian movie. I was kind of on the fence about this, seeing as I like the other movies and read the comics. But I decided to go ahead and watch it anyway.
... It was an okay movie. I didn't feel that it was a Conan movie though. Kind of like it sucked as a Conan movie, but was good as a random barbarian movie. I have way too much to say about this movie, but not enough anger to do it all. So you get the extremes. Good- Love Ron Perlman as the dad, very good job. Also I might have to re watch part of this, since this one scene after they escape from the spinning wheel of death, Conan's telling her to run, then while she's looking around trying to figure out which way to run, he takes his own advice and bolts, leaving her there. I thought that was a hilarious scene.
Bad- Obvious cliche fight is cliche. Them fighting on the prisoner wheel thing over Tamara just seemed like they copied the water wheel scene from the Pirates movie, but to the extreme. The last thing I really was curious about in a bad way was Khalar Zym's swords. At first I thought he wanted to look ridiculous, wielding a weapon with 2 blades, seeing as how it wasn't any more useful than a regular sword. Then in a later fight it comes apart to be 2 swords? At first I'm like 'smart, 2 swords with 1 unsheathing.' Then I realize they didn't have Velcro back in the day and there was nothing available at the time that could separate 2 things that easily in the middle of a fight when you're under pressure. Just another useless gimmick thrown in to look cool.
So, that's my opinion, like it or not.

Friday, July 13, 2012


Time for a mini rant before I put up the post I had wanted to today. I talk to my friends as often as I can. I'm a good listener, and I try not to judge, but if I do judge, I come up with ways what they're doing can be better. Now this is for everyone in the Internet community. Do you know what a survivalist is? Do you really? Because I hear that term being thrown around so much, most of the time as a word for independent, strong and forward thinking when it comes to relationships. That is not what a survivalist is, and I don't care how many psych books tell you so. Wikipedia has a nice article about Survivalism and what it meant through different periods of history. Go read it.

Now based on what the word actually means, Burt Gummer, the character from Tremors, is a survivalist. Beyonce, with all her songs about boys, and being your own woman, not always waiting to be waited on by a boy, is not. See the very key difference? Now I hope I never have to hear that word again, unless you're talking about gearing up for impending doom or the Zombie Apocalypse. 

Monday, July 2, 2012

Brave day out

Today I went to see Brave and have an enjoyable day out with my sister in law A and her daughter, niece E. Post about the movie and my thoughts updated tomorrow when I can use the main pc whose keyboard doesn't keep skipping letters. I wanted to get this out asap, since it's pretty awesome and a fantastic favor bag idea that isn't too expensive and crafty. I made niece E this gift since this is an awesome movie, her birthday was a few months ago, and I needed an excuse to make/give a goody bag. I love making little things like this, and if anyone needs ideas for something like this, totally contact me, I don't mind.

I made a Brave goody bag, read on to see what went into it and how to bring it together.

Brave activity book, found here at Disney's site.
Shrink charms, also found at Disney's site. All you need is an inkjet printer and special inkjet shrinky dink sheets. Do not use regular shrinky dink sheets, it will not work, I've already tested and it's a fail.
The treat bag, stickers and lip balm locket all come from Party City, but you can also find them on Amazon, and the pencil came from the dollar store. Put it all together and I believe it's a pretty good bag for any kid, young or old.