Sunday, June 3, 2012

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So wow. Just finished watching the latest episode of The Legend of Korra. I have nothing to say that isn't a spoiler besides go New Team Avatar! As well as What the heck? No! Not possible! And a little bit of awesomeness at Tenzin's kids. They're great. (I feel like River Song writing these posts, so much editing to keep this a spoiler free zone. Email me if you want to talk more in depth about anything going on.)

With that mostly out of my system(won't be fully out until the next ep airs, GAH! so long to wait!) on to other things of note.
I know it was last week, but I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend. Mine was a blast, got to have a picnic and pool time with relatives, then spent the night blowing glow in the dark bubbles with my niece. I wan to get more and take pictures with a different camera. My phone didn't get the best pics in the dark, you can't really see it glowing. This is a picture from the net to give some perspective.

Stuff is way cool. I got ours from Target, they're just marked as Glow in the Dark bubble solution.

I spent most of this week filling out more job applications and debating the merits/pros and cons of going to Otakon and wrote several posts to get opinions, deleting each one since it wasn't what I wanted to convey. I know now that I really want to go after seeing Little Kuriboh's newest vid on youtube, I've been dying to see him for years, and he's finally going to be at a con I'm able to go to. Squee! My fingers are crossed and I've continued work on Tayron's and my outfits to wear at Otakon. Definitely want to go with Yu-Gi-Oh outfits one day, and Avatar outfits another. Which characters from either Avatar series should we go as? I'm leaning towards Sokka and Suki, Sokka being my fave character but Bolin is giving him a run for his money. It also all depends on what I can convince Tayron to wear. Not going to be able to make him go as Ty Lee, so be warned before commenting. I look forward to reading them and keeping you all updated!

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