Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Perler bead goodness

People who know me know that I've been on a perler bead kick lately. I had gotten a ton of beads when I was younger for one project, and they've just been sitting around doing nothing until recently. I've mainly been making gifts now for relatives and close friends out of the beads but never posted pictures other than a few to Facebook since they weren't my idea. I go trolling around on Etsy and have folders full of things I want to buy from people when I have the money, or things I want to make for gifts since I have no money. All my creations with the beads up until today have been copies of other people's works, so I don't post pictures, they aren't 'mine'. Today a thought popped in my head and I started to work on some things that are more.....'original' in that I haven't seen anyone else on the 'net make/do them. The picture below is first in a set of magnets I'm making.

Update! Below are the rest of the magnets, and what language is that to do list written in? I haven't seen that in more than 10 years on my old pc. So your hint, just to be blunt, is that it's from an old computer 'thing' and it features an alphabet not spoken anywhere on earth. Please comment below with your guesses!

Update #2- It's come to my attention that there was an issue with commenting. Going into the setting, it was set to google accounts only, it's now been open to everyone, regardless of account.  I didn't turn off the captcha letters since I don't want to read spambot comments, just something we'll have to work with.

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