Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Fun Television Shows

Things have been a little hectic around here lately, but there is always some scrap of fun to be had. Tayron made me start watching Farscape and I love it! Great characters, storylines and done with puppets and not cgi, I think it's fantastic. only partway into season two right now, I'm only allowed to watch it with Tayron, so it's taking some time with his work schedule.
The Legend of Korra is getting awesome with Amon moving into his end game, season one is almost over. Can't say much without spoiling everything, but I actually let out a fangirly squee at the end of the episode. So awesome! Great fight scenes with certain people, and rising tension between certain characters is just making everything better and better.
RuPaul's Drag U season three started up again last night, the show is as fun and inspiring as ever, with new Queens brought in from the latest season of Drag Race. I just love Manila Luzon's outfits! So coordinated and thematic.
One show I started watching on Netflix is The Secret Life of the American Teenager. This show is not as fun as the above shows. It follows the life of Amy Juergens, a 15 year old who gets herself pregnant at band camp right before she starts high school. I started watching this out of boredom and because Molly Ringwald is in it. I continue watching for the George and Ashley moments. Seriously, are you supposed to like/relate/sympathize with Amy? Every time she comes onscreen, I just want to fast forward to scenes with 'good' characters since she seems to not really grow out of being a selfish semi-spoiled 15 year old. It seems everyone else grows and matures around her, but she never really learns anything. And even when she does learn something, it's forgotten or brushed aside in an episode or two. The one thing other than Amy's character I didn't like about the show was Ben. Ben starts off trying to be a typical teenage boy, wanting to 'get with' one of the hottest girls in school, Grace. His friends talk him into going after someone who he could have sex with a lot sooner and with less effort, they choose Amy. In the space of one episode, after one date, he changes his mind and decides he wants to marry her and spend the rest of his life with her, and the sex plot that was a major part of his introduction takes a backseat to his wedding plans, getting only minor mentions sporadically. The only reason I may finish the series is to see the golden nuggets hidden within of the George and Ashley scenes, and Ricky's growth as a father. I mention all this since the first episode of season five aired last night.
Try to keep the comments a spoiler free zone, and I'd love recommendations below of other great shows to watch. I can't wait until Warehouse 13 comes back!
If you do want to chat with me more in depth about these shows or others I mentioned previously, you can email me at comicbookcutie@gmail.com. See you soon!

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