Monday, June 4, 2012

Apathy and confusion.

Now I'm not really into DC comics, I'm more of a Marvel girl. I love The Legion of Super Heroes though and do happen to know a lot about Batman, Superman and a few other "mainstream" comics/characters from my dad and crossovers with the LoSH. So this whole thing about introducing a gay character, I didn't really care about. More of a 'good job getting on the wagon who knows how many years after marvel' type of thing.
(Edit-Forgive me! I forgot Extrano from the New Guardians came out in 1988 and that they were DC)
So when an article popped op on my homepage about it being the Green Lantern, I thought 'Finally, Gardner's coming out. Like he could hide it with that fashionable vest thing.'
Reading the article, I got confused. Who now? Alan Scott? Who in the world is that? So in order to get headlines they say a major character like the Green Lantern is gay but it's one that only hardcore fans would know about? But that's just me. Who here knew who he was before the news came out? Leave a comment please!

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