Friday, May 11, 2012

Zenkaikon Part One

So day one of Zenkaikon is over, and I had a blast! So much fun not being at Line:The Con. Not as many people here as Otakon, and there are virtually no lines to get into anything. Showed up early to the Sonny Strait panel to make sure got good seats, but not many people went, possibly choosing instead to dance at the rave of watch the magical girl genre videos next door. Their loss, his panel was hilariously amazing. Earlier in the day got him to sign the back page of my guide, picture coming tomorrow of what he drew in mine and Eric's book.
Picture now up! Krillin looks like he's been knocked around a bit, and Hughes just wants to tell you about his daughter, So cute!

Saw a lot of awesome cosplayers, as well as some halfhearted ones, but at least most of the pics I get are of those who tried and pulled off the character enough for me to warrant a picture. Sorry catgirls. The dealer's room has a lot of great stuff, lots of artists here selling their wares. Only one panel I wanted to see today, spent the rest of the time as I normally do, running around taking photos of everyone. Tomorrow going to many more panels, so will have more stories.
Getting back to the one panel I went to, it was scheduled to be Sonny talking about his comic We Shadows. Due to not many people showing up, it turned into do whatever the VA wants. I wish I had recorded this just to watch over and over again in the future, but I was laughing too hard to think about it.
Camera died, so a bunch of pictures are coming on Monday, pictures taken with phone coming tomorrow morning and evening. Also pictures taken with sister's camera coming Sunday. So You all have 4 days of fun to look forward to, yay!

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