Sunday, May 13, 2012

Zenkaikon Part Two

Day 2 of con was much more awesome than the first. Actually went to a bunch of different panels, but still go to run around all day taking pictures.
Started the day off with Whose Line is it Anime? Which had an awesome cast of CJ Henderson, Uncle Yo, Sonny Strait, Michelle Knotz and I believe staff member Veronica. Not going to say there were some funny sections, they were all pretty hilarious, but my favorite has to be Snapshots, where Uncle Yo was Ciel Phantomhive, telling us about his vacation to Canada and describing what was happening in each 'snapshot' the other three posed for.
Next panel I made sure to see was Uncle Yo's Stand Up Comedy. Hilarious as always, check out his site here, his CD's and DVDs can be purchased there as well as on itunes.
I got lucky enough to get into the Motivational Anime panel next. I'm finding it hard to come up with words besides hilarious and awesome for these panels because they were. This panel was full of information about what the motivational anime genre was, with examples like Initial D and Nodame Cantabile. My favorite one in this genre has to be Yakitate!! Japan.
After that I walked around until the Avatar panel, but more to come on that tomorrow, it needs a post of it's own. Didn't want to leave afterwards, so hung out at the rave until my ride was done dancing. The DJ is pretty good, DJ Hi5, website from con here. My companions also got to see the Asterplace concert in the main hall. They said it was awesome, and from what I heard of them before the closing ceremonies they sounded great, but my love for Avatar won out over checking out a new band. Especially since my companions love that sort of music and got the CD.
Again, I didn't want to leave, but also didn't feel like walking 4 miles to the hotel after they kick everyone out of the con. I'm definately going to try to go next year, it was a amazing experience. I actually got to talk to people and get things done, still astounded on how I got so many experiences in so little time. The cons I usually go to are one extreme or the other. Either it's a gigantic convention like Comic Con, or teeny one like mini con in the back of my local comic book store.

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