Sunday, May 20, 2012


After the con I had to take a few days to decompress and catch up with everything I had let fall before and during the con. Considering posting some pictures from that weekend on my flickr, but not sure since they don't have anything to do with me. Also, after issues with the flickr account on my phone, you may have noticed my 365 stream stopped at 7. The phone issue has been fixed and I'll be updating with several pictures a day until I'm caught up.
In a few days there will be yet another huge blog post with more info on secret projects I've been working on that very few people know about. Possibly even with a contest in the works.
Lastly, you can tell I've been watching a lot of anime. I haven't had the opportunity to watch The Legend of Korra yet since of the no tv thing, so I've been rewatching all of the original series to redip before I get my hands on Korra.
Other news. Still looking for a job, hoping to snag an opening at one of the local craft stores to whet my appetite for needing to work, and helping to fund one of my secret projects. So much going on!
See you all soon!

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