Sunday, May 13, 2012

Avatar: The Last Con Panel

This panel had to be the quenchiest in humor and knowledge. 
Pre-panel videos played while people were coming in, they had Haru's Beauty products, Avatar School Time Shipping, and one of my favorites for a long time, Avatar: The Last Puppet Bender.
The panel was run by people playing Toph, Aang, Sokka and Zuko. Show started with clips of early character designs as well as what the story was originally going to be about before they decided on what was aired. This was followed by clips from Avatar-Creating the Legend of the art of bending and martial arts, and after each clip of the 4 main bending styles, Zuko gave an explanation of the style and history, as well as a demonstration on Sokka on how it works. He also went into the other types of bending on the show with information on energy bending, and what Ty Lee and Combustion Man so as well as the many other minor forms and differences. The new book, The Promise, was also talked about.
Now for the humor. It's a bit hard to separate the two since funny things were interspersed within the entire panel. As well as in the audience, I had the pleasure of sitting by a Bolin cosplayer as well as a Korra(see above pic). He was completely in character and trading one liners with the panelists about things and made the panel 20% cooler. I know, wrong anime.
There were also a lot of funny clips in the slide show of information about avatar that I may link to, but might not since they will be at Otakon. Let me know what you think I should do in the comments below. If they have a panel again, you should go see it if you're into the Avatar anime. Although if you haven't seen the show before, stay away, they keep Korra spoilers out, but it's full of spoilers for the original series.
Before the game show of Avatar trivia questions that ended the panel, there was a q/a session about what people like about the new series The Legend of Korra, and what they don't like. I'd also like to hear your opinions on what you think about the new series in the comments below.
The Toph and Aang cosplayers have deviantarts they gave me, Toph is here and Aang is

Update: After a lot of searching, I finally found the right Bolin's Tumblr.
And link to Korra's as well.

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