Sunday, May 20, 2012


After the con I had to take a few days to decompress and catch up with everything I had let fall before and during the con. Considering posting some pictures from that weekend on my flickr, but not sure since they don't have anything to do with me. Also, after issues with the flickr account on my phone, you may have noticed my 365 stream stopped at 7. The phone issue has been fixed and I'll be updating with several pictures a day until I'm caught up.
In a few days there will be yet another huge blog post with more info on secret projects I've been working on that very few people know about. Possibly even with a contest in the works.
Lastly, you can tell I've been watching a lot of anime. I haven't had the opportunity to watch The Legend of Korra yet since of the no tv thing, so I've been rewatching all of the original series to redip before I get my hands on Korra.
Other news. Still looking for a job, hoping to snag an opening at one of the local craft stores to whet my appetite for needing to work, and helping to fund one of my secret projects. So much going on!
See you all soon!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Avatar: The Last Con Panel

This panel had to be the quenchiest in humor and knowledge. 
Pre-panel videos played while people were coming in, they had Haru's Beauty products, Avatar School Time Shipping, and one of my favorites for a long time, Avatar: The Last Puppet Bender.
The panel was run by people playing Toph, Aang, Sokka and Zuko. Show started with clips of early character designs as well as what the story was originally going to be about before they decided on what was aired. This was followed by clips from Avatar-Creating the Legend of the art of bending and martial arts, and after each clip of the 4 main bending styles, Zuko gave an explanation of the style and history, as well as a demonstration on Sokka on how it works. He also went into the other types of bending on the show with information on energy bending, and what Ty Lee and Combustion Man so as well as the many other minor forms and differences. The new book, The Promise, was also talked about.
Now for the humor. It's a bit hard to separate the two since funny things were interspersed within the entire panel. As well as in the audience, I had the pleasure of sitting by a Bolin cosplayer as well as a Korra(see above pic). He was completely in character and trading one liners with the panelists about things and made the panel 20% cooler. I know, wrong anime.
There were also a lot of funny clips in the slide show of information about avatar that I may link to, but might not since they will be at Otakon. Let me know what you think I should do in the comments below. If they have a panel again, you should go see it if you're into the Avatar anime. Although if you haven't seen the show before, stay away, they keep Korra spoilers out, but it's full of spoilers for the original series.
Before the game show of Avatar trivia questions that ended the panel, there was a q/a session about what people like about the new series The Legend of Korra, and what they don't like. I'd also like to hear your opinions on what you think about the new series in the comments below.
The Toph and Aang cosplayers have deviantarts they gave me, Toph is here and Aang is

Update: After a lot of searching, I finally found the right Bolin's Tumblr.
And link to Korra's as well.

Zenkaikon Part Two

Day 2 of con was much more awesome than the first. Actually went to a bunch of different panels, but still go to run around all day taking pictures.
Started the day off with Whose Line is it Anime? Which had an awesome cast of CJ Henderson, Uncle Yo, Sonny Strait, Michelle Knotz and I believe staff member Veronica. Not going to say there were some funny sections, they were all pretty hilarious, but my favorite has to be Snapshots, where Uncle Yo was Ciel Phantomhive, telling us about his vacation to Canada and describing what was happening in each 'snapshot' the other three posed for.
Next panel I made sure to see was Uncle Yo's Stand Up Comedy. Hilarious as always, check out his site here, his CD's and DVDs can be purchased there as well as on itunes.
I got lucky enough to get into the Motivational Anime panel next. I'm finding it hard to come up with words besides hilarious and awesome for these panels because they were. This panel was full of information about what the motivational anime genre was, with examples like Initial D and Nodame Cantabile. My favorite one in this genre has to be Yakitate!! Japan.
After that I walked around until the Avatar panel, but more to come on that tomorrow, it needs a post of it's own. Didn't want to leave afterwards, so hung out at the rave until my ride was done dancing. The DJ is pretty good, DJ Hi5, website from con here. My companions also got to see the Asterplace concert in the main hall. They said it was awesome, and from what I heard of them before the closing ceremonies they sounded great, but my love for Avatar won out over checking out a new band. Especially since my companions love that sort of music and got the CD.
Again, I didn't want to leave, but also didn't feel like walking 4 miles to the hotel after they kick everyone out of the con. I'm definately going to try to go next year, it was a amazing experience. I actually got to talk to people and get things done, still astounded on how I got so many experiences in so little time. The cons I usually go to are one extreme or the other. Either it's a gigantic convention like Comic Con, or teeny one like mini con in the back of my local comic book store.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Zenkaikon Part One

So day one of Zenkaikon is over, and I had a blast! So much fun not being at Line:The Con. Not as many people here as Otakon, and there are virtually no lines to get into anything. Showed up early to the Sonny Strait panel to make sure got good seats, but not many people went, possibly choosing instead to dance at the rave of watch the magical girl genre videos next door. Their loss, his panel was hilariously amazing. Earlier in the day got him to sign the back page of my guide, picture coming tomorrow of what he drew in mine and Eric's book.
Picture now up! Krillin looks like he's been knocked around a bit, and Hughes just wants to tell you about his daughter, So cute!

Saw a lot of awesome cosplayers, as well as some halfhearted ones, but at least most of the pics I get are of those who tried and pulled off the character enough for me to warrant a picture. Sorry catgirls. The dealer's room has a lot of great stuff, lots of artists here selling their wares. Only one panel I wanted to see today, spent the rest of the time as I normally do, running around taking photos of everyone. Tomorrow going to many more panels, so will have more stories.
Getting back to the one panel I went to, it was scheduled to be Sonny talking about his comic We Shadows. Due to not many people showing up, it turned into do whatever the VA wants. I wish I had recorded this just to watch over and over again in the future, but I was laughing too hard to think about it.
Camera died, so a bunch of pictures are coming on Monday, pictures taken with phone coming tomorrow morning and evening. Also pictures taken with sister's camera coming Sunday. So You all have 4 days of fun to look forward to, yay!

Sunday, May 6, 2012


Last night I got to see The Avengers with some friends. Now, before I start geeking out, I do have to say something. 2 of the major things I was raised on are Marvel and Star Wars, so yesterday was an awesome day, being May 4th.
So the movie. . . . It's hard to talk about it with something new without going into spoiler territory, but I'll do my best. I love this movie. I would say everyone would like this movie, it really has something for everyone. Action, humor, well developed characters, hot guys for the girls, hot chicks in tight fitting uniforms for the guys, and comic book references for the geeks. All of the main characters have equal time on screen, which has been a problem in the past with large groups, with the most popular/marketable getting way more screen time and character building than the other guys. There are many, many one liners and quips in the movie that will be quoted for years to come. Whedon amazingly pulled this one together. 
Now the cons. The things I didn't like about the movie were minor little things that have more to do with movie politics than anything Whedon did. For instance I would have preferred if they had actually gotten to use their first idea of villains being the Skrulls, instead of setting for the Chitauri. I mean, unless you read the 6 issues of Ultimates they appeared in years ago. I do have to give bonus points for using an obscure Avengers villain though.
The other thing, and this has been bugging me since seeing Captain America, why on earth do they call it the Tesseract? I know what a tesseract is in mathematical terms, but why for the movies? It's the cosmic cube. It's cube shaped, and it harnesses the power of the cosmos. A Cosmic Cube. *shrugs* I don't know, but if those are the only things that irk me about the movie, it's a pretty awesome movie then.
I do also have to mention that there are 2 extra scenes after the movie. I knew there was one, so I managed to stay long enough to watch the mid-credits scene(which I totally geeked out over btw-no spoilers!) And ran out of the theater when the credits went into the second phase. I should have tried to wait longer, because there's apparently another hilarious scenes at the very end after the credits. I'll be going back to see it on Tuesday, so no spoilers in the comments please!

In other news, I'm having fun making a different crafty object everyday, I particularly like Day 5 so far for the use of my Yu-Gi-Oh cards, check out my Flickr here.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


May first. May Day, Beltane, Roodmas, Walpurgisnacht, what ever you want to call it, it's a time for new beginnings. I've decided to start anew with this year after everything that's happened. Today marks the first day of a new project, for the next year I'll be making one new thing a day based on the suggestions in "365 A Daily Creativity Journal."
Today is making something that fits in the palm of your hand. For the first project I decided to fall back on my matchbox drawer to make a box for Asian themed earrings. First picture below, others to come on Flicker or Tumblr.

Update: Started Flickr with 365 stream and public for other pictures as well. Enjoy!