Saturday, April 28, 2012

Life news

News has been a little slow around here lately, not much is going on in my life besides looking for a new job. Went to a stamp expo and spent a bit more money than I should have, but every cent was worth it. I got some amazing stamps and peripherals for my crafting, also I found out some little old ladies can be scary about their love of stamps.
Speaking of crafting, the time I've spent not looking for a new job has been working on birthday and Mother's Day gifts, and items for an Etsy shop. I'm getting really excited, but didn't want to tell many people at first because of the time frame, paperwork and other things. One thing I can say for certain though, is that all the pictures I've been posting on other forums, and gifts for people I've been making are not going to be sold in my store. Those are things I've seen people selling on Esty that I've made myself since I had the supplies and too poor to buy it, so I make it myself. It also means more to the recipient than just buying someone else's craft don't you think?
On to things I have been watching. I'm loving the start of the new series the Legend of Korra, I recommend it to everyone, even if they haven't seen the original series. Glee is getting interesting in trying to wrap up so many story lines before several of the kids graduate, and adding in new story lines for the younger kids to go through with the oncoming season. Still sad I wasn't able to see the live action Ouran High School Host Club movie when it came out, anxiously waiting for dvd news so I can import it. My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic is excellent as always.
So upcoming news for the future is the store, my imminent trip to Zenkaikon, and later this summer I'll be at Otakon. Reviews and opinions also coming soon on Black Butler, Game of Thrones season 2, and of course the Avengers movie. If anyone reading this is into comics, don't forget Free Comic Book Day on May 5th this year, I'll be at my favorite store.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Hilarity and color wheel realness

Wow, I thought the week before Easter was packed into a tiny space even before I go sick, I'm still dealing with the fallout and getting things ready for an upcoming kiddie birthday. Since we last met a lot has happened.
Last Saturday I traveled over to New Jersey to spend the holiday with my family there and had an awesome time. Between my grandmother locking the keys (regular and spare) in the car at the cemetary when we went to visit her parents grave and my dad's, to her accosting a random guy at the cemetary. Dude's like 50 feet or so away and she just yells out "Hey buddy hey pal! Can you help us get into our car?" The fun contnued on into Saturday night when my sister, cousin and I sat down to dye eggs. I was getting all artistic on my eggs with multiple colors, patterns and designs.

So my sister tries to get in on the aristic action too, wanting to make a Christmas-y egg. She dips it in green, lets it dry, then draws a tree in it with the clear crayon. She then dips it in red to make the green tree stand out against the red. Now, most of you should be shaking your head by now and knowing what color her egg came out. It turned brown.
For those who don't know, mini color wheel lesson for you here. Not going to get into complementary colors or any of that, since this is for people wanting to dye eggs creatively. There are three Primary colors, red, blue and yellow. When two of those are mixed together, you get a secondary color. Red and Blue makes purple, Red and yellow make orange, Blue and yellow makes green. When you put these colors together in a circle, you have a beginning color wheel. When the colors are in a circle, look at them closely. Any color that is directly opposite the color you used, do not use. Red and green are opposite in this beginning color wheel, and it will make brown. Whatever you want to call it, chocolate, poo, dirt brown, it's still not very pretty on an egg.
Coming up in the next few days are impressions of my first Rubber Stamping and Papercraft Expo, and a simple how to for setting up baskets, for Easter or any occasion to make what you have to give look nice and pretty.
Adding this in here. With baskets of any kind, what I usually do is organize everything into piles of small to large. The larger items I place in a pleasing manner in where I designate the "back" of the basket. This creates a wall everything else goes up against to show off most of the other goodies in here.