Saturday, March 31, 2012


As most of you know, I love Rock Band. Being able to sing along with words on a screen and be judged in the privacy of your own home by a machine is fantastic. I like to sing, but I never liked to sing in front of people because I don't like my voice. Tonight I went with some friends to do karaoke and everything changed. I don't know whether it was the MC(?) hosting the event, the people well on their way to getting drunk singing before me, or the energy of the crowd, but it's amazing.
The Karaoke event was hosted by Michael's friend Brent, which is the whole reason we went in the first place. He was hosting it at the Blue Monkey, as Singa Karaoke. Michael and his friend Extra Juicey are veterans of the stage, and they convinced me to give it a shot. Now, before I go any further, I do want to say something. Whether someone is good at singing, or completely horrible and you hate it, you should be a good sport and not rip them apart or insult them to your friends while they're up on stage. If someone has the guts to get up there in front of everyone and sing, at the end, you should at least clap, no matter how awful it is, because it's terrifying being up there. Walking up to the mic seemed like it was taking forever, I was so nervous.
The way the event was set up was in rounds. You got little slips of paper to write your name and song choices on, and each round you were up to sing again if you chose to. This let the new people have a chance to sing, while the addicts also got to sing over and over without seeming greedy for the mic. (I know it's harsh, but that was the vibe I got from the explanation, so that's what I'm writing.)
Now, you all should also know by now I like to research things before doing them. I read a guide on karaoke etiquette and looked through the book for a proper song. I decided to go with Meatloaf's Rock and Roll Dreams come True as my first choice. Not a very high energy song I admit, but it's one I know by heart, inside and out, and also one with a positive message for me. I could just close my eyes and let the drummer tell my heart what to do. I made it through the song, and was energized by the applause I received at the end. It seemed like drugs to my ears, so I went up another 2 times. The second time I sang Poison's Nothin' but a Good Time, and then finished my first experience with karaoke with Mika's We Are Golden. I'll be the first to admit I tanked during the last song. As a favor to Quintega I had Michael use my phone to record me up there, but while trying to show him what to do, the song started and I was completely flustered which threw off my game. I know it's a poor excuse, but I'll bring my A-game next time, I promise!
So the summary of this post is that if you have the chance to go out and do karaoke, you should definitely go do it. Terrifying at first, but super special awesome later.
You should also like Singa Karaoke's FB page, and here's the website I was able to find.
Here's the link to Extra Juicey's blog, enjoy.

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