Sunday, February 26, 2012

A humorous experience

Again, another story I've kept off the wall since some people may not like this, but it was hilarious and I feel the need to share.

So the other night Michael Gravely came over, and as usual, we went out to get chinese food. While waiting for our meal to get cooked, I started telling him about  something on Logo tv's website, Rupaul's fantasy drag race. Where you choose 3 queens and each week different points are awarded depending on what they do/say in the show. The one who chooses the right queens and gets the most points wins something. I was mentioning the 3 I had chosen, Latrice Royale, Chad Michaels and Sharon Needles. Before I could get into why I chose those three, some guy standing in line for his food pipe in. Saying that Sharon's horrible and he hates her. Sir, do you even know what we're talking about? He actually does, and we have a lively conversation about the show, being careful not to spoil anything for M.G. since he wasn't caught up yet.
The most hilarious part of this experience, is how the man talked. I know I've said some things from the show, but in jest, totally not being serious. This person was throwing out words like the shade of it all, the house down, fishyness, nearly every slang word from the show, he used it like it was commonplace for people to talk like that. It was all I could do to keep from laughing until after we left the restaurant.
And fyi, though you probably don't care, "the house down" is a long spoken out exclamation mark. For when you don't want to get passionate or exclaim anything, but need people to know it is important I guess.

The show and fantasy drag race can be found here,

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