Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Gaming Break

I was intending to go back over and post all the links to the awesome cute and geeky valentines for sale on Etsy, as well as some you can print out or make yourself. But then Final Fantasy XIII happened. I had intended to play this game some time in the future since Tayron already has it and beat it ages ago, but not now. Then I got the latest issue of Cosmode, and between the fantastic character outfits shown in a feature there for XIII-2 and my friend's enthusiasm for the game and all it's awesomeness, I really wanted to play XIII-2. Tayron won't let me play it without playing through and beating 13. So for I really like it, despite all the negative things people keep throwing around about it. No need to post those negative things in the comments, I have enough of that on my fb page when I made a humorous, offhand comment about how my favorite Zelda and Pokemon games are very linear and direct.

So tomorrow you get links to other people's V-day ideas and fun, and Saturday you get the cards I've thought up.

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