Monday, January 30, 2012

Not quite Adamantium Rage

Haven't had much to post about lately, so I'll be making smaller more frequent posts from my phone. A few things have gotten me mad-ish recently, and I wanted to address them.

The Enchantress is a dick.
Some friends and I went to go see Beauty and the Beast in theaters opening day, and I've always known this in the back of my head, but was brought into clarity. She really is a meaniepants. The prince is 11/12 years old, apparently has no parents, and seems to have been raised by servants that work for him. And she just curses the daylights out of him and his castle because he's a spoiled child that doesn't know any better. Also, the Disney version is a lot darker and scarier than the original story, with murder and forced marriage, but then I suppose they can't make ennui into a credible villain.

What is Clayface's backstory?
Seriously, this is the second thing ticking me off lately. Just got the latest issue of Young Justice Mar '12 and they rewrote Hagan's backstory again. Seriously, I have seen so many different origin stories for this guy it's uncanny.

Anyway, that's my piece, check out the channel below for a hilarious new vid.

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