Friday, December 30, 2011

So much craziness

No use apologizing here, everyone knew what time of year it was, and as busy as it was, nothing at all interesting happened. Nothing I can post about anyway, either being too soon for one announcement, or threatened with bodily harm if I reveal another. (But feel free to ask my counterpart Tayron what he got for Christmas. *snicker*) Hope everyone has had a nice Holiday season while I haven't been around.
But exciting news! We have the charger for the camcorder now, and expect to see lots of videos in the future, some old, some new. Learning how to use iMovie, since never had use for it before and it's kind of fun. 
I have been playing games more in the past few days since stopping in November. Tayron got me Skyward Sword for our birthdays and I'm loving it! The first part of the game I couldn't stop smiling with all the injokes being thrown around. Most I had to explain to him which was a bit weird considering my history with games, but he's an Atlus fanboy, so I don't blame him there.
And lastly, sorry about this, but blog posts aren't going to come that regularly in the future. Most of the news I have or things to share come in little tiny bite size pieces. Whenever I scrape up enough to warrant a post, the time has already passed and it's like who cares? Then at other times when something exciting happens like Otakon, it blows up with so many posts. Hopefully I'll start leading a more exciting life soon to pad this out. heehee

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