Saturday, October 15, 2011

More about me.

This is perhaps the most negative post I'll ever write here, but I just have to get some things off my chest with how I feel, and really show you all what kind of a person I am. My counterpart Tayron posted something on facebook today that I've been getting flak for.
Time for backstory. If you haven't heard the song Pollyanna (I believe in You) from the Mother soundtrack, you should youtube it right now. Now I think that song describes this certain aspect of me completely. I have been disappointed and let down by so many people time and again, but I still have faith when they contact me again and make plans that this time it might actually work. There has been only one bridge burned with anyone ever since I don't like there being bad blood, I want to keep peace so there's no feuding or hate in the future. The problem with that is I never forget any of this, and over time it builds up and I cry myself to sleep I get so upset. This happens more than I like, and while I try to hide it from people, Tayron finds out most of it. So this morning I cry myself out walking to work because I feel like poopy on someone's shoe again and he finds out. So while I'm at work and not able to check facebook for about 12 hours, he makes the post I commented about previously. I did not tell him to post this, I had nothing to do with it, he just got sick of me being so submissive and taking everyone's stuff, he let it out on one person. Now I'm getting flak for not keeping better control of my counterpart, but really, when was the last time Artoo did anything Threepio told him to?

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