Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Rainbow Brite

That time of post again, time to comment on another movie. Things we've learned/found when watching Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer with friends.
Starlight is a whiny witch
Never F- with Apocalypse Pony (ON-X)
And Starlight gets into the boat before he can get depressed in the swamp and die.
Contrary to popular belief, a rainbow doesn't work in mist.
Who cares about crops not being planted and the world dying, if I can't play baseball.......grr!
Sure, Rainbow Brite is trying to save the world, but I'm going to use this magic key to distract her and interrupt her mission to remind her she needs to save the world.
The horses are smart in not crossing the bridge.
Who puts a jet in their bridge?
Nothing beats a spiked door that opens when someone gets near to freak someone out but not kill them.
We don't need a ladder when you have Deus Ex Pony!
More than your horse can do...? His horse has done everything for you!
Oh no! the whiny horse is going to fall to his death!
Oh Twinkies! I met your god and sacrificed him for more power!
I love how you just scream while the enemies destroy their own home RB.
And Deus Ex Pony, while the baddest pony around, is weak because if Orin didn't weaken him first, there wouldn't be a movie.
So you need to stop the Princess from reaching Spectra, when she has a palace and was on the planet already?
Orin- By the way, I'm taking Deus Ex Pony since it's totally unfair for you to have him
Mine..... I've always love the sound of that word.....Oh my gosh she's Stingy! (Lazytown)
I took this monster and made a sea of rainbow fish to feed the people.
Seriously, I can't imagine why the don't make castles more horse friendly.
3 more? Only 1 more person to save the world Orin! Rainbow and her horse don't count.
Don't talk about the diamond Princess, you'll make your baby emerald jealous.
Rainbow, I need more power! (you got the touch begins playing in my head)
And of course the castle crumbles away, she has to have the perfect castle so of course she used her magic powers to make the abode of her dreams.
You just sacrificed your pet emerald? shit just got weird.
Not the rainbow! (reading rainbow theme starts playing)
We did it! "We" little boy Brian? I remember you whining about how RB wasn't working hard enough.
You're taking a vacation next time? What the heck did you do Stormy?
Orin-I am your god! Worship me!
Murky and Lurky shouldn't have made that left turn at Albequrque.

Watching movies with friends is awesome!

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