Saturday, August 27, 2011

This past week I've found out there's an Ouran High School Host Club drama being aired in Japan. Those of you who know me probably guessed already how loud my fangirlish squee of delight was. So not only are there episodes of that already up for me to watch (and I have) but the second half of Doctor Who airs tonight. So I've been in a state of fangirl glee all week.
Now while waiting for episodes to load, I looked through some of the fansites up and noticed a clear line in the sand over one of the characters. You either bear with Yusuke Yamamoto for really getting into the character of Tamaki, or you hate him for his looks. Personally I love the choice. He plays an amazing Tamaki and I think there's only one other person out there who could play the character so well. I don't really see why people are so hung up on what he looks like though. There are many different types of beauty out there and just because he doesn't fit the androgynous pretty boy mold it makes him ugly? Meh, what do I know, I think Tayron's a good looking guy.
Taking a moment to mention the other elephant in the room. People also seem to have a problem with Chiba Yudai playing Mitsukuni, wondering why a kid wasn't playing the part. Have you ever seen a real kid? They grow fast. That's why Peter Pan has almost always been played by a woman in theater productions. If this does well and they have more than 1 season or movie they're going to have to get another actor to play the part. Just look at the Harry potter series. Again I say kids grow, and no matter how well they're picked, it won't work with a kid for more than a year.
Moving on, this show is awesome! I'm loving the actors they chose, wonderfully able to portray the characters they were chosen for, just excellent. Every episode has been excellent and I can't wait for each week to pass to get another episode to watch.

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