Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Otakon 2011

Recently got back from Otakon this past weekend, had a blast taking photos. With the exception of a handful of panels, spent most of the time just running back and forth all over getting photos of people. Didn't dress up this year, so no photos of me, ha! Anyway, the panels we did go to were great. Friday went to a voice actors after hours panel, got to hear a reading of go the *censored* to sleep by Lisa Ortiz, Tom Wayland, J. Michael Tatum and I believe Scott Freeman. Saturday I woke up insanely early to get into line for Uncle Yo's surviving an Anime Convention panel, then later on went to his stand up show. Speaking of which, his new album, Matching Hair Clips, is out now and it is amazing! It's available on itunes only, and it is a must buy.
Saturday evening I got into a professional makeup for cosplayers panel and it was really informative about different techniques you can use to pull off your characters. The information they shared at the panel is coming soon to their website,

Sunday we woke up early again to catch the Abridged panel, which was awesome, actually got video of this one up on youtube. Most of it's on youtube, I always stopped filming before they played clips because my camera isn't that good, and it's clips of what they are working on now. That means they are going to be up on youtube later with better quality, and more and a few seconds long.
All 5 parts can be found here

So to recap, otakon is as awesome as ever, and I found a lot of new anime series to start watching. Reviews on animes to come once I've finished each series and have the complete view of it.

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