Thursday, August 18, 2011

Derailed Rant

Greetings fine people of the Internet. Things have been a bit busy lately for me to do fun things to post about, but I have some new news, yay?
Originally I had wanted to watch through Squid girl, (Shinryaku! Ika Musume) and give my opinions of watching it and why other people would want to watch it as well but Tayron's been keeping me busy with other things. Between rewatching all of MST3K in order (at season 5 now) and being introduced to The Game of Thrones, I've been pretty busy when not at work.

The Game of, this really have to watch 2 full episodes at least before deciding anything. Now, I've not read the books yet (I know, for shame) but episode one....pretty much is boobs and sex, boobs, action, boobs, sex, fantasy adventure and did I mention boobs? Episode 2 gets more into story and plot, and understanding who these characters are who've been thrown at us. I'm up to episode 5 new, and it's really gotten good. If you're over 18 and don't mind seeing a lot of boobs, I'd definitely recommend this show.

The few times I have been able to get out and have fun, not enough happened to write about, but Thursdays I've started playing a role playing game with some new friends at the local comic book store. It's a lot of fun and I enjoy it immensely. Yesterday went to a new place, Geakers, they have amazing tacos and milkshakes. Also had an awesome time hanging out with an awesome group of people I can't wait to hang with again.

Now, I had mentioned a rant. I'd been thinking this over in my head all day about a certain anime company that shall remain nameless and how much I dislike them. I've been writing and rewriting it in my head as to not offend anyone, but decided to do a google search before posting. It made me extremely excited to find out the UK import has both the Japanese version and also the English version with the voice actors I heard before, and not a different set for another country's release. Major yay!

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