Monday, August 8, 2011


So today was going to be the day I went out to Musikfest to see a bunch of the free musical acts there, ending with Cast in Bronze in the evening. Between the day looking like it's going to rain, and Tayron distracting me until far too late to head out, I didn't get to go to Musikfest. The festival is there until the 14th though, so there's always another day.
So what was Brian distracting me with today? A new game called Catherine. I've been here all day watching him play the game, and I still can't look away. To start off, the main gameplay is moving blocks around to get from point A to point B. Oh, you're also timed, the blocks you're climbing on drop away after so many seconds, and different blocks have different properties that can kill you. Added to that is a type of morality meter that determines which of the 8 endings possible to end up with. The cut scenes are very well animated and the story is something new I haven't seen done to death already. All of these combined to make this an awesome game to play, and also to watch someone else play. With everything going on, it was 7 before I realized what time it was, but I was too invested in what was happening to do much more than get dinner and keep watching. Amazing what a good game can do. Plus the first ending we got is awesomely written and animated! Going to look for the other ones on youtube later.

Speaking of good games, downloaded Link's Awakening from the Nintendo E-shop for nostalgia's sake. I remember that being the first game I had when I got my first gaming device, the Gameboy Color. It was my first experience with playing non-pc games, and started my love for Link and Nintendo. In the past I must have beaten that game a dozen times, so decided to give it another go. I have no idea what happened between then and now, but I died 17 times just trying to defeat the first boss. The first stupid Glowworm boss! The other bosses are going by easier, just how I remember to defeat them.
Also, I know what he's called, but he looks like a worm, his butt glows, and I'm angry at him. Therefore, he is a glowworm.

In happier news, The Anime Convention and Survival Guide by Karl "Uncle Yo" Custer is available on Amazon for the Kindle, only $0.99. I haven't read it yet, but if it's anything like his panel of the same name he did at Otakon, it has to be awesome. You can buy it here.

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